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Hydrological maps: Runoff

Tornionjoki watershed Tenojoki watershed Näätämöjoki watershed Paatsjoki watershed Kemijoki watershed Tulomajoki watershed Koutajoki watershed Simojoki watershed Kuivajoki watershed Vienan Kemi watershed Iijoki watershed Kiiminkijoki watershed Oulujoki watershed Siikajoki watershed Pyhäjoki watershed Kalajoki watershed Lestijoki watershed Perhonjoki watershed Kruunupyynjoki watershed Ähtävänjoki watershed Lapuanjoki watershed Kyrönjoki watershed Laihianjoki watershed Maalahdenjoki watershed Närpiönjoki watershed Teuvanjoki watershed Lapväärtinjoki watershed Karvianjoki watershed Vuoksi watershed Jänisjoki watershed Tohmajoki watershed Hiitolanjoki watershed Urpalanjoki watershed Virojoki watershed Summajoki watershed Kymijoki watershed Kokemäenjoki watershed Taasianjoki watershed Koskenkylänjoki watershed Ilolanjoki watershed Porvoonjoki watershed Mustijoki watershed Sipoonjoki watershed Vantaanjoki watershed Siuntionjoki watershed Kiskonjoki watershed Karjaanjoki watershed Uskelanjoki watershed Paimionjoki watershed Aurajoki watershed Mynäjoki watershed Eurajoki watershed Lapinjoki watershed Sirppujoki watershed Kälviänjoki watershed Suomenlahden rannikkoalue watershed Temmesjoki watershed Pattijoki and Piehinginjoki watershed
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Hydrological maps
Daily precipitation
30 days precipitation sum
Water equivalent of snow
Snow melt
Soil evapotranspiration sum of 30 days
Soil moisture deficit
Average temperature
Lake surface temperature

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